Data Centers

Our top secure Data Centers are located in Denmark and Germany. Each Data Center is connected completely independent of the other, providing full redundancy

Facility Audits

Every year our Data Centers are audited in accordance with International Standards.

The main objectives are to audit the following:

  • Procedures and controls for operation and monitoring
  • Physical security
  • Procedures and controls for back-up
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Procedures and controls for physical and logical access to facilities

Denmark (cph1)

Germany (ber1)

Internet Connectivity

As a LIR member of RIPE NCC (AS30736), we operate our own routed network in a N+1 redundant environment, connected to multiple powerful upstream carriers. We carefully select our upstream carriers and continuously improve our network to provide premium connectivity all over the world.

Each data center is connected completely independent of the other, providing full redundancy.


Our redundant switched network infrastructure is interconnected in a active/active non-blocking full-mesh topology.

Redundant Power

Our data centers are supplied with dual power feeds, and have massive battery backups. 230V AC and 400V AC, UPS, -48V DC with battery backup, and ground/earth system provides continuous power. Also our data centers have redundant diesel backup generators (N+1).

Diesel Generators

2 x 65,300ccm (16 cyl. each) pre-heated diesel power generators deliver 1,383 kVA each at 1,500 rpm. Diesel tank capacity is 130,000 liters. Fuel consumption is 385 litres/hour per generator. One tank of diesel is sufficient for running the data centers for one week using both generators.

Physical Security

Your server is physically well protected. This is what we do to ensure that no one can get near your server(s) unless authorized by us.

  • Only our authorized staff are allowed on-site
  • Security zones using designated alarm and card-key access
  • Logging of all entries
  • Video monitoring of all facilities

Advanced Fire Protection

Sensitive detection and suppression systems is our first line of defence against fire.

  • Fire-retardant walls and flooring
  • Gas-based fire suppression systems (Inergen)
  • Hand-held CO2 fire extinguishing systems

Climate and Environmental Control

Hardware performance and reliability is closely tied to climate conditions. We guarantee the following climatic conditions:

Average temperature between 18-25°C, humidity between 40-60% and redundant air-conditioning.